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Logistical services comprise many aspects, which Dutch Freight Services can offer it all. Whether it concerns solutions for transport by road, air freight, customs handling or a complete package for your logistical problem.

Our priority is working on a long-term relationship, as contracting out your business to us requests a lot of confidence from you. After all, we have to fulfill the promises you made to your customer. A challenge, which we take up with total dedication time after time.

For both grouped and container shipping we are able to take care for the importation and exportation. Our primary destinations:

• Far East : direclty from and to all the Mainports.
• United States: directly from and to all the Mainports.

Moreover, we provide all transports before and after shipping, whether it concerns import or export deliveries. As we know the importance of just-in-time deliveries, DDU and DDP, we take care of these special conditions at any time and any place.

Value Added Logistics
Beside transportation and storage you can contract out more activities to us. Activities which are logically connected to each other and for which we already have the knowledge and facilities. We are even able to do your complete logistical business, so you don’t have to handle that by yourself. A short survey of the possibilities is mentioned below.

• Packing, repacking and labeling of products.
• Blending or grinding of the products.
• Assembling products.
• Full control on your stock (administration and registration).
• Orderpicking.
• Invoicing.
• Assurance of goods.
• Logistical communication facilities through EDI and e-commerce.
• Customs clearance and other customs activities.
• Fiscal representation.
All our activities are subject to the general conditions of the Federation of the Dutch Forwarding Agent's organization filed with the district Court at Rotterdam,latest edition.